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First National Bank


Founded June 21, 1901, First State Bank was the first chartered bank in Scott County. However, due to insufficient capitalization, the bank was not permitted to open. By the following year, 1902, enough capital had been raised and the bank was allowed to open with A.S. Christy as President and R.B. Christy as Cashier.

In November, 1906, the bank petitioned to become a National Bank and in June of that year the National Bank Charter was granted. The capitalization was increased from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 with stockholders permitted to buy the new issue. In 1914, the bank became a member of the Federal Reserve System.

In 1927, the Citizens State Bank, organized in 1906, merged with First National Bank. The merger allowed for more effective financing of the growing farm economy in Scott County.

Originally, First National Bank was located on the northeast corner of the main downtown intersection of highways 83 and 96. Later, the bank was moved to a two story building on the southwest corner. After the 1927 merger, the bank once again moved to the 400 block on the west side of Main Street. In 1966, First National moved to its current location of 501 Main Street.

In 1984, First National Bancshares was formed and is a one bank holding company. First National Bank is wholly owned by First National Bancshares

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